At age 16, in Lubuk Udang

Ah Lee had only been 16 when she died and she felt that she had not had time to take shape. She worried that now she was dead she would never get to be a real person.

When she died, at first she had been so full of rage at the man who had given her the baby that had killed her that it did not occur to her to worry about personal growth. She gobbled up men with injudicious greed, not because she liked the taste but because she wanted them to suffer. The local population of men of a certain age dropped dramatically.

The aunts disapproved. Such particularity in a small town was liable to draw attention, not a good thing when you are a household of vampires just trying to get on with your lives. And there were even worse potential consequences of Ah Lee’s overindulgence.

“You will get fat!” said Ah Chor, Ah Ma, Sa Ee Poh, Ji Ee, Tua Kim and Aunty Girl.

After a while Ah Lee stopped, though not because she was worried about putting on weight. She got bored of the taste of middle-aged men, and she stopped being so angry. She started eating for enjoyment again, and not simply as a way of getting back at her horrible death.

She never ate women, however.

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