Outside Amatka

The sun and the sky push the tundra down.

Out of the ground grow iron pipes with riveted seams. They are painted yellow and white.

Some of them bend at an angle. The paint flakes here and there.

The pipes form thickets on the hills.

Their burst openings turn toward the sun.


I djupet står en jättelik ångmaskin,

en trädgård uppsprungen runtomkring;

färglös murgröna och klematis virar sig runt pistongerna

ramar in urtavlorna och kryper sakta uppför pannan.

En skorpa av kalksten har bildats på hjulet.


Ice forms on the sea at night. A silhouette stands by a hole in the ice

where a bronze pipe sticks out of the water.


Frost creeps up the metal.


The silhouette draws a deep breath.


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