Somewhere in Paraiso

… In any case, this wasn’t usually the fate of boys with no prospects. Paraiso found me at an illegal Alt.Pasanglaan when I was 13. My sainted aunt (God bless her fucking soul) and I didn’t get along. She tried to sell me for fertilizer but the Madame loved my face and Paraiso took me away. I haven’t looked back since.

In return all I needed to do was to sell my identity, my memories and my genetic code totally.

TOTALLY – get used to the concept. I sold my “I” to become a star. In this post-singularity world it paid to be young and good looking. In fact it paid a whole damn lot. In time I became Paraiso’s biggest, most down-loaded star.

For the right amount of money you could be re-skinned and be me for a limited period of time, complete with all my curated memories, (subject of course to a lengthy T&C). It didn’t matter if you were young or old, man, woman or even neither. It didn’t matter because everybody always wants to be somebody else — even for just one fleeting day.




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