Stockholm, May 14

Stockholm, May 14

Question: What is reality?

Answer: A sphere where humans through consensus have established rules for how things work. Language is the most important method through which humans convey the rules for how the world functions and what it contains.

Stockholm, May 18

Question: Does reality have the same shape everywhere?

Answer: No, of course not. Local realities are always subtly different. For example, the American reality is dramatically more heavy on frightening imagery than ours. Interestingly enough: ”aliens” began as a defense mechanism in the brain, mixed with the influence of science fiction. These entities now have their own place. Reality has widened to include a new phenomenon.

Stockholm, June 9

Question: Do they have a purpose here?

Follow-up question: Can we understand that purpose? Would we find it relevant?

Answer: It’s uncertain whether we would understand. But the fact remains that in our pocket of the world, there are creatures who for some reason want to coexist with us.


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